Sever’s Holiday Lights are Funky and Fresh

Hop in your battery-operated sleigh (car) and go dashing through the snow to the brand-new Sever’s Holiday Lights program in Shakopee. Open seven days a week, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, through January 5. Make sure to stop by before they close this holiday season, and be sure to make this an annual tradition to experience with family and friends.

To say the light show is mesmerizing is an understatement! Featuring more than a MILLION lights, synchronized to the freshest holiday tunes piped into your car, you stay in your car and experience the show while in a comfortable temperature.

The course you follow, with headlamps off please, can be driven through as many times as you want while there. You will want to drive through at least 3-4 times to get the full gamut of lights synchronized the soundtrack. It’s worth taking your time through the course, as there are so many intricate details in the lights, and the color schemes are just stunning – both traditional holiday colors and festive brights to awaken the grinchy-est of holiday nay-sayers. The digital synchronization is on point, down to the precise lip syncing of the penguins to various tunes. That was our absolute favorite part of the course.

The music is what absolutely makes this a must-do. The songs are traditional Christmas carols, set to a techno/funk beat, making the light show come alive. You will have to keep an ear open for the Christmas Donkey some…a car favorite!

There is an observation lot to pull off and sit to watch the show from a distance. We used this area to reset the GoPro camera for the shots you see in the video below.

Tickets to Sever’s Holiday Lights are available online for pre-purchase, or onsite. In my opinion, the line to get in moved at a quick clip, so if you have your cash ready to go, there is no need to pre-purchase your ticket. The cost is $5 per person or $20 maximum per car, plus tax. If your vehicle has more than eight, the cost is $35. There are restrooms available off the course, and there is not food or beverage available for purchase currently at the show.

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