St. Patrick’s Day at Badger Hill Brewing

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For St. Patrick’s Day, Badger Hill Brewing is offering a Dry Hopped Irish Red Cast. This beer is only available on St. Patrick’s Day.

Cask ale is a traditional method of serving beer that hearkens back to the days before refrigeration and modern draft systems.  In the absence of compressed carbon dioxide, the natural process of fermentation is harnessed to carbonate the beer. Actively fermenting ale is pulled, unfiltered, from the primary vessel and sealed tightly in a cask to carbonate and condition.  The result is a living product that matures and ages under the supervision of cellarpersons and publicans. When the beer reaches its peak, the cask is tapped and the beer served either by gravity or hand-pump.This labor of love produces a different drinking experience from conventional draft beer.  Cask ale is served at “cellar temperature,” a bit warmer than the near-freezing temperatures of a typical draft.  This allows the subtle flavors and aromas of the beer to blossom in the glass. The process of cask conditioning also creates a more subdued level of carbonation, with a tight head and creamy mouthfeel.  This will seem familiar to fans of “nitro” beers. Nitrogen serving systems were, in fact, developed to emulate cask beer without requiring the same skill and attention to detail.This Saint Patrick’s Day will mark the relaunch of Badger Hill’s cask program in our taproom.  We will be tapping a pin (a 5.4 gal cask) of our Irish Red Ale. Unlike the draft version, this pin was dry-hopped with Loral hops.  Expect a more floral and hop-forward expression of the same ale, and a traditional drinking experience that pays homage to beer’s long and storied history.

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Date: Mar 17

Badger Hill Brewery & Tap Room

4571 Valley Industrial Blvd S, Shakopee, MN, 55379