Live Racing + Weiner Dog Races

The annual Running of the Wiener Dogs takes place between live races, with 72 Dogs racing in 6 heats.
Experience delightful Wiener Dog Racing in-between live racing to cap off the dog days before the Bark in the Park Championship! This breed will steal the show and on Pepsi Family Sunday. No outside pets allowed.
The winners of each race will advance to the Dog Race finals for a chance to be crowned the champion in their category during the “Bark in the Park” Dog Day finals on Labor Day (Sunday, Sept. 4th).

Each Sunday dog day will feature our Pepsi Family Day events.
First Post for Sundays: 1PM

There is still some time to sign your furry friend up to participate in the races! Click HERE for more information on how to participate.
First Race: 1PM

Date: Aug 14

Canterbury Park

1100 Canterbury Rd , Shakopee, MN, 55379