John Butler Trio

The contradictions in John Butler are evident, and, despite his magnificently successful career (with number one albums in Australia and sell-out tours) his is a troubled soul. One of the most successful recording artists Australia has ever produced and a musician whose reputation has begun to rock the waters of both Europe and America, Butler is nevertheless a man on the edge, poised like a beautiful suicide. Where will he go next? Up or down? Despite the tensions within the man and his music the new album makes his future trajectory abundantly clear.

An independent role model, founder of Australia’s Jarrah Records, family man and proud skateboard aficionado, JB, in spite of his matey public persona, remains an enigma. He is from everywhere and nowhere, an Australian/American, Everyman/Nowhere Man, and his music mixes rootedness and rootlessness, pain and celebration, in a way that is utterly beguiling. He is the consummate rebel-refugee whose songs chart disenchantment with the corporate world and show a yearning for truth along with an ongoing struggle for a sense of locus. The songs’ off-centre grooves have always been their charm, and yet now there is a sense, in the new album at least, of resolution and peace after years of being against the world and what it offered. Maybe the man on the brink will not jump after all?

What happens when the relaxed, joyful feel of the Hawaiian Islands is expressed through music? The result is “A Dollar Short and a Minute Late,” the debut full-length album from 20 year-old musician/Ford model/pro big wave surfer, LANDON MCNAMARA, released on Sea Major Seven Inc. LANDON blends his own brand of reggae, rock n’ roll and blues to create a musical combo platter of positive and relatable music.

Next, LANDON plans to take his music out on the road and unleash it on the masses. “Touring is the best way to get the music out and share it with the world. I want people to really feel the music and I think playing it live across the country is the natural progression.”

“I’m just proud that the album is finally done and out. I’m proud of my whole band, my whole entire team and myself. It all happened really quickly, like within a few months of just meeting everyone, we had a whole album on our hands. I definitely feel like this is all meant to be. We’re going to keep the ball rolling and keep our sights set on bigger and better things.”

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